Our Ministries

Providing Services to Our Congregation and the Community

MINISTRY CONTACT: (843) 757-3129

Food Pantry Ministry

Sis. April Ghoston
Bro. Anthony Ghoston

Hospitality Ministry

Monique M. Frazier

Junior Choir

Sis. Theresa M. Frazier

 Male Chorus

Deacon James C. Fraser

Missionary Society

Sis. Katie Givens

Music Ministry

Bro. Harold Gordon

Pastor's Aide Board

Deaconess Polly H. Frazier

Program and Planning

Deaconess Laura Bush

Scholarship Fund Committee

Sis. Josephine Frazier

Senior Choir

Deaconess Polly H. Frazier

Sisters in Christ Ministry

First Lady LaTonya Jenkins

Sunbeam Choir

Sis. Theresa M. Frazier

Sunday School Ministry

Deacon Emmet Mitchell, Sr

The Learning Place

Deaconess Carolyn Brown

Usher Board Ministry

Sis. Shirley Fields

Voices of Zion Ministry

Sis. Josephine Frazier

Women's Ministry

Sis. Tommie F. Perry

Young People Department (ZYPD)

Deacon Emmett Mitchell, Sr.